Party Like It's . . . A Political Party

Randall Stephens

Third party politics has long altered the American political landscape. Some of those included, along with periods of most activity:

Anti-Masonic Party (1820s and 1830s)

Liberty Party (1840s)

Free-Soil Party (1840s and 1850s)

Know-Nothing/Nativist Party (1840s-1860)

Greenback Party (1870s)

Prohibition Party (1880s-1890s)

People’s Party (1890s-1900s)

Socialist Party (1900s-19-teens)

Progressive Party (three separate movements: 19-teens, 1920s, 1940s)

Dixiecrats (1948)

For details on each, see this handy Encyclopedia Britannica site. Will the Tea Party change party politics in America? Will it be a factor in the coming years?

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