Heather Cox Richardson's Richardson's Rules of Order Wins Cliopatria's Best Series of Posts

Randall Stephens

Congratulations to Heather Cox Richardson, contributing editor of THS blog, who is the winner of Cliopatria's Best Series of Posts for 2009! Heather's Richardson's Rules of Order won high praise from the premier history group blog. (I must admit, I was on the committee that was tasked to make the decision. But I recused myself of judging Heather's wonderful series.) We're thrilled that she took the award.

"It's the year of the female history blogger," writes Ralph Luker at Cliopatria, "with women having won at least 4½ of the 6 awards. It's also the first year in which one blog won two awards." The award was announced last night here at the AHA in San Diego.

Here's the description of Richardson's series from Cliopatria:

"Please remember that your professors are human and it's hard work to stand in front of a hundred pairs of eyes and talk for an hour," Heather Cox Richardson of U. Mass Amherst writes in a series of 9 (and counting) posts that collectively provide an instructive, gentle, and eminently useful guide for college students in history classes. In an age of changing rules and often a challenging lack of civility, Richardson provides both useful information and a practical etiquette manual which could help improve the classroom environment everywhere. This series of posts will soon be finding its way onto syllabi in history courses across the country.