2009 Cliopatria Awards in History Blogging

The History News Network has announced the 2009 Cliopatria Awards for excellence in history blogging. Actually they announced the awards some weeks ago at the AHA, and your lazy Northwest History blogger is just getting around to letting you know. If you are looking for some smart history blogging you could hardly do better than to explore these Cliopatria winners:

Best Group Blog:
Curious Expeditions

Best Individual and Best New Blog: Georgian London

Best Post: Rachel Leow's "Curating the Oceans: The Future of Singapore's Past," A Historian's Craft, 14 July 2009.

Best Series of Posts: Heather Cox Richardson's "Richardson's Rules of Order," The Historical Society Blog, 20 March 2009.

Best Writer: The Headsman, at Executed Today.

If this whets your appetite, go to the list of previous Cliopatria awards form more fine history blogging.