First Tlingit Canoe on the Potomac

Tlingit canoe makes maiden voyage ... to the Smithsonian

WASHINGTON - A traditional Tlingit dugout canoe made by contemporary Indians sailed grandly through gleaming Potomac waters in a ceremony celebrating its forthcoming inclusion in the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Fun story from Indian Country Today about how some modern Tlingits carved a traditional style canoe and delivered it to the National Museum of the American Indian for display. It is especially significant that the museum specifically wanted a modern canoe made by contemporary Tlingits as a symbol of a culture that is very much alive and vibrant. Smithsonian anthropologist Stephen Loring said, "'We wanted to get away from putting up just another old boat.''

Here is a stream of a report from Alaska Public Radio. More photos and a video of the event here. And look at this--the Smithsonian has a Flickr stream that includes a set titled Launching the Raven Canoe.