More on Mapping Photos with GPS

In earlier blog entries Larry has mentioned the value to historians of being able to record latitude and longitude with digital photos. A product called PhotoGPS by a German company, Jobo, is due for release this summer. ( It will attach to the hot shoe at the top of a camera and record metadata indicating the location for each shot. It may be the most useful solution yet to the location challenge.

In the mean time, a program called GPSPhotoLinker [Mac only] provides a good approach to linking location-tagged photos to a map. In the example above Jeffrey Early, a graduate student studying physical oceanography at Oregon State University, has linked location data to a photo taken in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Early, who created GPSPhotoLinker, has put some slide shows on line linking his photographs to maps. His home page lists several of these sites including, "Las Vegas and Zion," "Oregon Coast," and "Glacier Bay."

Note from Larry: I purchased a similar program named RoboGeo a few months ago but haven't fooled around enough to get it to work. It seems averse to Magellan GPS units, which is what I have.